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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Green Manure Mix (Spring and Summer)

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Contains a mix of Organically Grown Seed for Sowing a Green Manure Crop

A mix of seeds for spring and summer providing good bulk leaf growth for soil biota and legumes which assist to fix nitrogen into your soil.

Current Spring/Summer Green Manure Mix - Sunflower, Mung bean & Millet.

- Sow Autumn and Winter
- Nitrogen Fixation

How to Grow

Grassed Areas: Sowing a green manure into grassed areas is the fastest way to sow the seeds and it is possible to be successful but it is the least affective of the two options. This method works best during cooler weather such as winter because the seed is sitting on the surface and it won't dry out as fast. The method is to broadcast your green manure seed then use a mower, whipper snipper, slasher or mulcher to mow the area and cut as low as you possibly can within 1-3 days of sowing the seed. The mowed grass provides a light covering over the seed to aid germination. If you can time sowing the seed with a rain event you will have better germination.

Tilled/scarified Soil: Tilling/scarifying your area will give you the best germination rate with a green manure. It reduces all other weed/grass competition so your sown crop will grow without competition. The method is to till, scarify or break up the soil then broadcast the seed over your area. Covering the seed is recommended using either a rake or drag. 

- Sow direct into desired area.
- Roughly 8 weeks until the green manure is mature

The varieties provided have many uses in providing mulch, nitrogen fixation to the soil, organic matter which can be slashed or turned in, and also providing excellent habitat to promote healthy soil. These varieties have many other uses and are stated as such. Legumes can be sown on their own or with existing vegetation, or grown with grass and grain species as listed below.  We recommend with low fertility soils that some type of nutrients be added initially such as fertiliser to help the green manure along. Grasses and grains can be grown on their own if fertility is good, thus providing bulk organic matter when slashed.

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds