Winter Seed Sowing Guide | free pdf - 4 climates - AUS

Winter Seed Sowing Guide | free pdf - 4 climates - AUS

Knowing when to sow seeds can be challenging, especially when you have lots of seeds to sow at the same time. We have created a printable/downloadable seed sowing guide to help you with your seasonal seed sowing in Australia.

The first thing you must know when looking at our Winter Seed Sowing Guide is which climate zone you live in around Australia. (Refer to image 1, below).

Four Main Australian Zones:

Image 1 : Climate zones of Australia

Keys to reading our tables:

Sow Month - Which months of the year seeds can be sown.

Direct into garden - Seeds should be planted directly into garden bed as moving them may affect roots and overall health of the plant. Plant your seeds at the sow depth provided in each of our charts.

Transplanted from tray - Seeds can be planted into seedling trays and  transferred into the garden when the roots have established properly. Be careful not to damage the roots when transferring from tray to garden.
Do not push the seedling into the dirt like a seed. You will most likely damage the roots and plant. Instead, try the following method. Keep leaves of plant exposed and bury roots only. Be sure to dig a small hole with either your finger, a stick or gardening tool and plant roots by placing them in the hole, fill the hole with dirt/potting mix. Gently press the dirt down around the base of the plant. 

Direct into ground Or transplanted - Can be planted directly into the garden or transferred from seedling tray into the garden, which ever you prefer. Can be useful when your summer crop is still growing and you need to get your winter crops started, plant in tray and transfer to garden bed when its is free.

Sow Depth - How deep seeds should be planted into the soil/dirt in both tray or direct into garden.

Air Temp Required (Celsius) - The minimum to maximum range for air temperature recommended for the seeds.  

Germination times (Days) - the estimated time in days it will take for your seeds to germinate and start growing.

A handy tip...

To get your seeds to germinate faster, place seeds on paper towel. Spray towel with water and place it into a zip lock bag, close bag and keep inside away from direct sunlight, in a warm temperature area. Once seeds have popped and started to germinate transfer them either into the tray or garden. Be very carful not to damage the root at this time, use tweezers and grab the plant by its seed shell if possible. 

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This information is to be used as a guide only, many factors will impact germination time and seed germination including soil quality, hydration and sun exposure/temperature.

The best way to know how to grow seeds properly in your area is by trial and error, learning where seeds work and do not work in your garden, which direction the sun moves through your garden throughout the year and your soil quality are great starting points. 

Happy Seed Sowing,