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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Eggplant (Thai Pea) Seeds

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Solanum torvum

Also known as Turkey Berry and sundakkai. Thai Pea Eggplant is a shrubby perennial growing to 2m high and wide. Having a branching habit and produces green pea sized berries in clusters. Used in Thai and Indian dishes for it's flavour and exceptional health benefits. Slightly bitter taste.

Eggplant grows best in fertile well drained soil receiving full sun. Improve soil with manures, compost or fertilisers before planting. When sowing cover seed with 3mm of soil and keep moist until germinated. Space 1m apart.

- Sow Spring and Summer
- Sow in pots and transplant to the garden when 5cm tall
- Frost tender
- 80 days to harvest

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds