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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Cucumber (West Indian Gherkin) Seeds

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Cucumis anguria

West Indian Gherkin produces green 5cm diameter fruits, soft spines on outside, sweet and juicy when young. Used for pickling or eating fresh.

Cucumber grows best in fertile well drained soil receiving full sun. Improve soil with manures, compost or fertilisers before planting. When sowing cover seed with 1cm of soil and keep moist until germinated. Space 40cm apart giving them enough room to run freely. Cucumbers will begin to set after 60-80 days.

- Sow Spring and Summer
- Sow direct into the garden or in pots and transplant when 5cm tall
- 80 days to harvest

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Cannot be sent to WA.