Our Edible Garden

It all started with a Lemon & Mulberry tree in the summer of 2021.

We are currently renting a 720sq/m block in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, the property is west facing, which means our backyard has great sun exposure from early in the morning until late in the afternoon.


Over the last year we have introduced composting into our home rhythm and created multiple food and medicine producing garden zones in our backyard and front yard.

Zone 1

  • Closest to the kitchen
  • Medical herbs
  • Raised garden bed
  • Partial shade in cooler months, morning to early afternoon sun exposure, great for growing all our leafy greens that like a bit of shade.

    Our lettuce and strawberries love this area.

Zone 2

  • High production
  • Great sun exposure throughout the day from early morning to later afternoon.
  • Fruit Trees. Until they are large enough to move out into garden.
  • Great area to produce all kinds of fruits and vegetables.

    Current fruit trees include: lemon, lemonade, feijoa, mulberry, 2 apple,
    2 mandarin, orange, pear, peach, cherry guava, blueberry and apricot.

Zone 3

  • Furthest from the kitchen
  • Prepping soil for summer vines

    This area is along the back fence of our home, it is shaded throughout the morning but gets a lot of good after lunch to late afternoon sun. We will be sowing direct into the soil in this area and are currently prepping the soil after our last potato harvest.

Zone 4

  • The most sun all year round
  • Greenhouses (mainly for winter)

    This is our newest zoned off area. The area is gravelled so we decided to go directly into large buckets. Zone 4 has amazing sun exposure from dawn until dusk. During the summer months this area is perfect for growing sun loving plants like tomato’s.

Compost area

We currently use the Maze 245Lt Compost Tumbler which works very efficiently. It has two compartments which enables us to have an ‘adding’ and ‘maturing’ compost at the same time.

Majority of the branches we cut back off the trees get placed in this area to begin decomposing as well.

Click here for our Composting tips on what to add and not to add to make nutrient rich soil.