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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Celosia (Red) Seeds

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Celosia plumosa

Red Celosia's have gorgeous, tall fiery magenta flower spikes with dark contrasting leaves, that last over a long period in a hot sunny position. Growing as an annual to 40cm, it's a very popular and long lasting cut flower. 

How to Grow

Celosia can be sown direct or in trays with 5mm covering. When 6cm transplant, 40cm apart. Prefers well drained soil - ideal for hot sunny positions. Flowers throughtout Summer-Autumn.  

Pests include snails & slugs. Use Organic snail pellets for control.

- Sow Spring and Summer
- 90-100 days to Flowering.


Striking colourful garden display, perfect for mass planting or borders.  Very popular in flower arrangements  - good cut flower. Can be dried for everlasting bouquets. 

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds