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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Carrot (Danvers) Seeds

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Daucus carota

Danvers carrot is a hardy variety to suit most soils. They are a tapered deep orange carrot getting to 15cm long. Danvers will handle shallower soils and tolerates warmer conditions.

Carrots prefer a fertile deep soil that is well prepared using manures or compost and forked to loosen. Pick a full sun position during the cooler months or during warmer weather choose an afternoon shade position. Sow seeds direct into well prepared seed beds. Form a shallow furrow, sprinkling seed into the furrow then using your hand very lightly cover the seed with no more then 3mm of soil. Keep consistently moist and you should see germination in 2-3 weeks. They are a very small seed that can easily be covered to deeply causing no germination. Space each furrow 15cm apart. 

- Sow Autumn, Winter and Spring
- Sow direct into the garden
- 95 days to harvest

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds