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Vasili's Garden

Vasili's Black Grit

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Black Grit is a blend of Rock Phosphate and Limestone.

  • When used in low fertility acid soils, it increases pH and CEC (Cation Exchange Capacity)
  • Provides soil amendment and fertiliser together in ONE application to acid soils
  • Assists in increasing pH to a sustainable level whilst providing useful amounts of macro elements Ca, Mg, Si and P as well as a range of micro nutrients. It is not water soluble therefore does not leach or wash away.
  • Black Grit is made from naturally occurring minerals not chemically treated.
  • Works with the natural soil chemistry to digest soil acid as well as providing minerals in a plant available form.
  • It is high in plant available calcium (24%), magnesium (10%) silicon (11%) and phosphorus (8%)
  • Acts as an alternative to lime

Simply sprinkle 20g p/m2 around the garden and water in.
1kg of Black Grit will treat up 50m2