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Potato Grow Bag (with resealable window for easy harvest)

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Potato Grow Bag (with resealable window for easy harvest)

Growing your own potatoes at home is an amazingly easy way to start off any gardening experience. Potatoes are one of natures most versatile and hardy vegetables, and amazingly they can grow up to 3 times a year, giving you plenty of food for you and your family. 

These potato grow bags make it easy for anyone to grow potatoes anywhere, simply follow the steps below.

  • Fill bottom of bag with 7cm of soil and compost mix
  • Place 4 - 6 seed potatoes on top of soil and add another 7cm of soil to cover the potato's 
  • Keep soil moist and place in a sunny position in your backyard.
  • When green shoots appear, allow them to grow between 7-10cm tall before adding another 7cm of soil leaving just the tips of the shoots exposed.
  • Periodically add 5-7cm of soil s the shoots continue to grow to the top of the bag
  • Once soil has reached the top of the bag, allow the plants to flower.
  • From flower stage you will be able to access the resealable window and start harvesting potato's.
  • When the top flower and plant dies back, harvest the full yield of the grow bag and start the process over again.