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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Kale (Scotch Blue Curled) Seeds

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Brassica oleracea

Scotch Blue Curled Kale is a compact curly leaf variety providing a continuous harvest and can also be used as a baby kale harvesting over a long period.  Dark green leaves with a purple centre.

Kale is a fast growing annual that requires a full sun position with very fertile soil rich in organic matter. Sow seeds into pots/punnets using a good quality seed raising mixture. Cover seed with 5mm of soil and keep moist until germinated. Transplant seedlings to the garden when they are 5cm high and mulch thickly around the plant. .

- Sow Autumn, Winter & Spring
- Sow in pots then transplant to the garden at 5cm tall
- 45 days to first pick

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds