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Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Bean Climbing (Delgado Black Mexican) Seeds

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Phaseolus vulgaris

Delgado Black Mexican bean takes up little room and yield over a long period, grow on trellis. Climber to 2 metres, green pods, black seeds. Also used as a dry bean.

How to Grow

Climbing beans as their name indicates need a structure for them to climb on. This can be anything from a wire fence, verandah or teepee made from tomato stakes, bamboo or even sturdy sticks. They like soil rich in organic matter but they are a legume so ensure nitrogen levels are not to high. Sow your seeds below the climbing structure to give the tendrils a easy job of latching on. Ensure you do not over water them during the germination stage as this may cause rotting. Once germinated provide a good mulch later around the plant. During the growing season you may need to assist the plant with latching onto your structure.

Pests included Cutworm, Crows, Small Brown Bean Bug & White Fly. Where needed use exclusion netting, neem, pyrethrum and good soil health practices to minimise pest impact.

- Sow Spring and Summer direct into garden
- Frost tender
- 80 days to harvest


Eat beans whole either fresh or cooked. All beans are best eaten when young and string less, this is typically between 8-12cm in length. This variety is also used as a dry bean - Allow the green pods to turn brown on the plant then harvest and using basic seed cleaning equipment such as screens, fans and buckets you can seperate the seed for future use. 

Certified Organic - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds