How to make herbal tea like a herbalist

How to make herbal tea like a herbalist

Herbal Tea is one of the most easiest ways to receive therapeutic benefits from plants.

Commonly known as tea, however in herbalism tea is better known as an infusion 
or decoction.

Infusions are teas made from leaves, non-woody stems or flowers. They require boiling water and to steep in a cup for 5-10 minutes, covered.

Decoctions are teas made from bark, roots and seeds. A decoction is made over the stove in a pot. The water and plant material should boil for 5-10 minutes covered on a low heat.

2 Important Steps to Remember

1. Cover the infusion/decoction while steeping or boiling, as this prevents the therapeutic compounds from diffusing into the air through steam

2. The length of time steeping or boiling. The longer the plant material is steeping or boiling, the higher amount of therapeutic compounds. After 15 minutes, you should have majority of compounds infused/decocted in your water.

Traditional Therapeutic Dosage

Each herb has different requirements for dosage using herb to weight ratio.
However traditionally this formula has been used to take infusions or decoctions as a therapeutic.
30g dried herb in 600ml of water; 60-200ml taken three times a day.


Water alone does not have preserving properties. It is therefore recommended to use infusions/decoctions within 24 hours.

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