Composting: What can be added.. and what can't.

Composting is an essential process for a thriving garden. It is packed with nutrients for healthy soil, plants and harvests.

Many beneficial organisms such as worms, decompose the compost material into rich nutrient soil. Compost can take up to 8 months to be mature enough to add to garden beds.

What do I add to compost?

Fruit and vegetable scraps, egg shells, teabags, dog fur can all be put into a compost bin. The key is making sure majority of the compost is carbon. This means more cardboard, dry leaves, sawdust, egg cartons, wrapping paper, toilet paper rolls, dried grass and shredded paper.

Don’t add…

Meat, oils, fats, grease, fish waste, dairy, pet poo, plants with diseases, weeds that are seeding and plastics (it’s quite alarming to see bits of plastic that accidentally make it into the compost, still intact while everything else has decomposed back to earth).